Write for us!

The Female Triathlete is a starting point for female-specific content around training, performance, endurance, nutrition, fuel, women's health, and sense of community for all ages and backgrounds. One of our aims is to celebrate female triathletes in the sport so that we can help inspire others to accomplish their triathlon goals, as well as increase the interest and participation of women in the sport around the world.

To do this, we want to hear from you! We want to share your stories, experiences, techniques and healpful guidelines for women in triathlon. And so, we want to hear from the community of women in triathlon.

What we want these articles to achieve is to create and insight into what it's like being a women in triathlon. We want to hear from people who can share their opinions and feelings about their lives as a triathlete, wheter they're a seasoned professional or a brand-new starter. Do you have a personal failure or struggle that turned into a valuable lesson that you can share? Or do you have knowledge and insight into female-specific training or equipment? Then we want to hear from you.


We're a small team working through many pitches, so if you're interested in writing for us, here are some tips on how to submit:

Give us the details! When you're writing you pitch, be generous with the details - we need to be able to assess your proposal properly. What sets your story apart from others? Inlcude your own experiences in engaging with the issue, and how can your learning be applied by others?

It doesn't need to be perfect. We've got editors working with us to help knock your story into shape, so if you're not totally happy with it, that's okay. We can help you.

Ask if you're not sure. We're here to help you put together a great piece, if you're not sure about something. send us and email with your questions.

Technical details:

- Please send your pitches as Word files or Google documents where possible. Please do not send PDF files as we cannot edit them easily.

- We're looking for a word count of around 800 words.

- We don't have any formatting guides or style guides.

- If you're referencing other people's work, please add them as comments or footnotes so we can check them.

- We publish English-language articles.


Please send your pitches to [email protected]